In order to promote and inspire affirmative relation towards knowledge as one of the key elements for personal and social development, Engineering Institution of Macedonia and Chamber of certified architects and certified engineers of Republic of Macedonia award the best graduated students from engineering faculties with Engineering ring Recognition. The gold engineering rings are assigned on by the President of the Republic of Macedonia on the event held in Ohrid. This year on 6th of June 11 engineers receive the Recognition.

Engineering ring Recognition promotes the engineering sciences to young engineers and motivates them to further their professional competence, with a main goal – to increase the number of excellent engineers from the rising generation as a driving force for technological development of our society and the country.

The ring represents a crown of oak leaves on top of which the symbol of the Engineering Institution of Macedonia is embedded. In Macedonian intellectual circles, from ancient times till this day, the oak leaves symbolize honor and dignity. The star, sign of the Engineering Institution of Macedonia, symbolizes knowledge and synergy of all engineering disciplines.